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We at Timepieces International appreciate how important customer service is to you. We will always go that extra mile to ensure your shopping experience with us is not only memorable, but so good you want to tell all your friends about it. Here's some of the most recent reviews that our customers have left. You can click the images below to go straight through to the product, so you can see for yourself what our customers are raving about!

by Jo on 03/22/2017

I am very happy with my order for the Phantom RX Rose Gold & Black Watch as a gift for my fiancé. Delivery was fast and the watch itself was amazing, just as it appears in the catalog and looks even better on.

by Autumn on 03/20/2017

These have so much shine and sparkles that they're absolutely blinding in the light, and even out of the light it still has shards of color that show beautifully.

by Autumn on 03/20/2017

In the picture shown these are pretty but in person are much prettier! The green is much more vivid reminding me of the rainforest on the Washington coast. The gold leaves seem to bring out the intensity of the green even more.

by Tiffany on 03/19/2017

My fiance bought this for me and I love it. Goes well with anything! Simple but elegant

by Autumn on 03/17/2017

This pendant is as big as it is beautiful. It's bold and bright and sparkles like crazy.

by George Cuttita on 03/17/2017

This is a beautiful watch that is comfortable to wear. My wife got it for me for our anniversary...a wonderful surprise for any man in your life. Really enjoying it both as a dress-up watch and daily wear.

by Floyd Hutchinson on 03/17/2017

We have received many complements on the appearance and style of this watch set. Dress or casual this watch is in style.

by Mark on 03/17/2017

Very sharp piece of jewelry! Looks even better in person. I had been wanting this skull necklace for a while and I'm glad that I purchased it. Price is right and quality is superb. Order with confidence.

by Cathy on 03/15/2017

The watch was B/O when I first ordered it but it was will worth the wait. I have had it for 3-4 months and it is still the most beautiful watch that I have ever seen. It is so gorgeous. Must buy!

by James on 03/15/2017

I receive this ring as part of the Phantom set with the match watch. It makes for a great ansomble and have many compliments everyone thinking its real. Thumbs up from me.

by James on 03/15/2017

I absolutely love this watch. I have received more compliments than I can count on it. It goes great with casual dress or a suit.

by summer on 03/15/2017

I just love this ring we matched this ring with the man's phantom rose gold ring and they work perfectly together

by summer on 03/15/2017

I just love this ring we matched this ring with the man's phantom rose gold ring and they work perfectly together

by Summer on 03/15/2017

my husband seen this set in a magazine and he torn the page out and saved it so we had the extra money I secretly ordered them for us a dream come true

by fawad A on 03/15/2017

one of my most distinctive watch in my Daniel Steiger collection.

by Summer on 03/15/2017

absolutely love this ring it's a man ring but my husband and I love this ring so we made it work into a set for me

by fawad A on 03/15/2017

steel look has a super modern look!

by fawad A on 03/15/2017

this watch certainly is at the top of my favorite list!

by fawad A on 03/15/2017

my experience has been wonderful with this purchase!

by John Leigeber on 03/15/2017

I gave this to my wife to wear on her formal occasions when she wears a long white dress (Ladies of the Oriental Shine, Amaranth, Daughters of the Nile). She has received many compliments on the watch.

by John Leigeber on 03/15/2017

Nice quality watch that feels good on the wrist. In all measures other than wear I would give this a 5 star review. After about a year of occasional use, the back of the clasp is showing wear points where my wrist sits on my desk where typing.

by John Leigeber on 03/15/2017

This is no lightweight watch...from the moment I took it out of the box and adjusted it to the size of my wrist, it just felt like quality on my arm. Several people have commented on the distinctive red/black surround on the bezel. The clasp clicks with authority, I've never had it come undone. After several months of use, I am totally thrilled with this Daniel Steiger water resistant watch

by Autumn on 03/14/2017

Such a pretty shade of green and yellow! Would recommend these to anyone.

by Autumn on 03/10/2017

Absolutely love love these earrings! The fiery blaze of color that radiates from them is amazing.

by Autumn on 03/10/2017

Really pretty.

by WILLIE JIMENEZ on 03/06/2017

Very unique automatic wrist watch and beautiful design.

by Autumn on 03/04/2017

Gorgeous brilliant blue diamond like stones swing from a shimmer of rainbow sparkling white created diamonds. This is one of my favorites!

by Noel Redley on 03/04/2017

Love ring and bracelet fast delivery.

by Rainier Mendoza on 03/03/2017

it has every function i'm looking for, but it's a little bit on the heavy side though (which i prefer)

by santiago viguie on 02/23/2017

Beautiful watch

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