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We at Timepieces International appreciate how important customer service is to you. We will always go that extra mile to ensure your shopping experience with us is not only memorable, but so good you want to tell all your friends about it. Here's some of the most recent reviews that our customers have left. You can click the images below to go straight through to the product, so you can see for yourself what our customers are raving about!

by don on 02/22/2017

very happy with the ring and the price. It really stands out.

by Autumn on 02/22/2017

So beautiful. Everything sparkles like real diamonds!

by WILLIE JIMENEZ on 02/21/2017

I compare this astonishing ceramic watches to RADO ceramic watches!

by michael on 02/13/2017

beautiful ring, perfect for wedding ring. Only wish it came in a size 8. Size 9 is a little large

by Brian on 02/10/2017

I purchased this watch as a stocking stuffer for my wife a Christmas before last and she likes it very much. Its solid weight and feel, its beautiful real gold appearance and contrasting black face has made it a popular watch for her to wear when she wears a black evening dress or just a black blouse and jeans. Its tough yet elegant looking and has been very reliable.

by Brian on 02/10/2017

I have owned the watch for over a year, my second favorite to another DS sport watch. This watch has a beautiful crystal and easy to read face. One of the largest watches in my collection I enjoy wearing it often, it is durable and love the easy date read. Many compliments on its richness, fools many people believing this is an expensive watch but I just like its solid feel and looks.

by Brian on 02/10/2017

I have had this watch for some time, possibly two years. I have many others, over 12, but have worn this one the most. I get compliments on how it looks, its easy to read, except the date, and its durable. I consider it to be the perfect size for a watch of this style. Really like it. As its getting worn I will probably buy another one soon and give this one to my son that also likes it allot.

by Michael on 02/08/2017

The watch is beautiful. It has many wonderful features, and always draws attention when I wear it.

by Ralph DeCarmine on 01/24/2017

I love this ring Beautiful large bold gem in the center surrounded by a set of 48 striking diamonds at a great price

by Ralph DeCarmine on 01/24/2017

Brooklyn Men's Box Chain Necklace I am from Brooklyn this is one of my favorite chain it is bold and very manly style depicts the strength and diversity of the city

by Ralph DeCarmine on 01/24/2017

I love this ring Beautiful Blue Gemstone which is believed to hold many exciting powers to the owner magnificently bold gold ring what a great gift

by Chester Horne on 01/18/2017

Very nice watch with rugged classy look. You can wear this watch just about anywhere. Very conformtable on wrist for metal band. Highly recommend this watch.

by dan bunch on 01/16/2017

very nice i have your watches and a ring great looking no problems with your products

by Doug on 01/11/2017

I too would recommend this watch and have had many compliments,

by JOE on 01/06/2017

I love the ring! Definitely worth the price

by Autumn on 12/31/2016

These earrings are beautiful to wear any time of the year, but they especially remind me of sparkling sugar plums, love them!

by Autumn on 12/27/2016

This really is the color of the ocean and is so pretty!

by Francisco on 12/25/2016

Great watch.

by Francisco on 12/25/2016

Good quality, I'm very happy.

by Eton Men's Bracelet on 12/24/2016


by YESENIA on 12/24/2016


by YESENIA on 12/24/2016


by YESENIA on 12/24/2016


by jack prater on 12/23/2016

fantastic quality

by L on 12/10/2016

Love the dark blue!

by Gordon on 11/26/2016

I showed it to my father in law and he loves jewelry. Wanted me to order an identical watch for him asap.

by Kevin Hassett on 11/24/2016

I've owned this watch for 15 years, still wear it daily. Aside for the usual battery replacement it's as dependable as Big Ben :)

by Nathaniel Baldwin on 11/23/2016

I just began shopping with the Daniel Steiger Jewelry company and I must say that I'm very pleased with your prices and the quality of your products!

by guest on 11/22/2016

love this watch

by Autumn on 11/18/2016

This necklace is absolutely breathtaking just as the title says. The colors are so vivid and the diamond sparkle is spectacular.

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