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by Chester Horne on 01/18/2017

Very nice watch with rugged classy look. You can wear this watch just about anywhere. Very conformtable on wrist for metal band. Highly recommend this watch.

by dan bunch on 01/16/2017

very nice i have your watches and a ring great looking no problems with your products

by JOE on 01/06/2017

I love the ring! Definitely worth the price

by Autumn on 12/31/2016

These earrings are beautiful to wear any time of the year, but they especially remind me of sparkling sugar plums, love them!

by Autumn on 12/27/2016

This really is the color of the ocean and is so pretty!

by Francisco on 12/25/2016

Great watch.

by Francisco on 12/25/2016

Good quality, I'm very happy.

by Eton Men's Bracelet on 12/24/2016


by YESENIA on 12/24/2016


by YESENIA on 12/24/2016


by YESENIA on 12/24/2016


by jack prater on 12/23/2016

fantastic quality

by L on 12/10/2016

Love the dark blue!

by Gordon on 11/26/2016

I showed it to my father in law and he loves jewelry. Wanted me to order an identical watch for him asap.

by Kevin Hassett on 11/24/2016

I've owned this watch for 15 years, still wear it daily. Aside for the usual battery replacement it's as dependable as Big Ben :)

by Nathaniel Baldwin on 11/23/2016

I just began shopping with the Daniel Steiger Jewelry company and I must say that I'm very pleased with your prices and the quality of your products!

by guest on 11/22/2016

love this watch

by Autumn on 11/18/2016

This necklace is absolutely breathtaking just as the title says. The colors are so vivid and the diamond sparkle is spectacular.

by David Haith on 11/12/2016

These beauties are a bit darker than they appear in the photograph, but are quite lovely. The color is more of a midnight blue, rather like Kanchanaburi or Madagascar sapphires.

by David Haith on 11/12/2016

The purple diamond in this ring is in a really unusual cut, a modified Asscher cut, but without the beveled corners. The stone appears quite a bit darker that in the photograph. It's nearly black, and has the glossy surfaces that black diamonds often have; but the stone is also a bit pleochromatic, with flashes of color within it that range from royal purple to a claret red, depending on the quality of light. At first, I didn't see this as much of a tribute to the paintings of Mark Rothko. Indoors it just looks black, except for the occasional subtle flashes of color when the light catches it just right.... but *outdoors*! This purple diamond is very reactive to ultraviolet, and even in overcast conditions, the sunlight makes this ring glow a vivid purple! *That* is when this piece one me over. I would say the changing nature of the color actually is very Rothko-like. Be warned, though, this stone is very large and rides quite high; so it's likely to get caught when you jam your hand in a pocket or curl it around a drawer-pull. So wear it well, but cautiously.

by David Haith on 11/12/2016

The vivid royal blue sapphire is in an unusual rectangular Asscher cut. Flanked by two triangular-cut diamonds, these three stones reflect eachother beautifully, drawing the eye inward. The frame of round diamonds surrounding the center stones give the impression of a heavily-lidded baby-blue eye! There are additional stones under the setting, where openwork cutouts usually are. These not only let in the light, but multiply the reflections of the rounds framing the main setting. This is part of the genius of Daniel Steiger designs, and I've never seen any other jeweler use this technique to amplify the inner fire of gems this way. I was concerned about the size of this ring when I ordered it because often "men's rings" are enormous; this is big enough to be impressive without being too big. I would consider this a "unisex" ring, as a lady could chose to wear it as a cocktail ring.

by David Haith on 11/12/2016

This is a really beautiful ring. The two pear-cut diamonds adjacent to the marquise-cut stone give the featured stone additional facets to reflect, without drawing attention away from the center stone. The smaller rounds in the setting add to the fire of the center stones without distracting. The genius of some Daniel Steiger designs is in setting small rounds along the edge of the ring, which not only lets light in under the top gems, but adds to the overall reflectiveness of the other gems. Although the ring is complicated, Art Deco inspired design, the overall appearance comes together beautifully without appearing busy.

by David Haith on 11/12/2016

I ordered this one for myself. I ordered the ladies' watch because I generally don't like big watches, and some mens' watch designs are enormous. This is a generously sized watch (not too small or dainty). The vortex patterned dial is not black-on-black printed pattern, but the actual shape of the dial. It's simple, but not boring. FYI the back of the case is held on with eyeglass-sized screws and is simple to open if you wish to replace the battery yourself. The shiny ceramic finish is beautiful. Just a simple, elegant watch.

by David Haith on 11/12/2016

I love the staggered setting of baguettes and rounds, with only the simple little silver bars separating them. The design is sort of a post-Deco, Streamline Moderne style. The image looks like a full-eternity ring, but the ring itself is a half-eternity, with the back half being a simple, undecorated band. It still has the appearance of a full-eternity band, but is much more comfortable than one would be.

by David Haith on 11/12/2016

I like the exotic East-India inspired design. It's a bit smaller than I expected, but certainly not tiny. With all the little diamonds packed so closely together, it's very sparkly! I intend to have a pin-back attached and turn it into a broach.

by David Haith on 11/12/2016

The photograph doesn't do this ring justice. It's spectacular! The rectangular gem in the center rides high, surrounded by four triangular gems set beneath it that gently slope down to a field of small pave set gems. which I was surprised to see we in a pale gold-finished inset that visually sets it apart from the main gems. The large diamonds stacked so close to eachother create a depth of inner fire that looks like it descends infinitely within the gems. This ring looks great in larger sizes, so don't be shy to buy it in the correct size for an index finger or middle finger.

by David Haith on 11/12/2016

The genius of this design is in placing smaller gems between the prongs, essentially *underneath* the main gemstone. Although they hardly show, they give the featured diamond more facets to reflect, adding sparkle to the overall effect. I have other diamonds about this size that exhibit nearly as much inner fire as this. Many of Daniel Steiger's designs feature this stacking of gems closely together or even on top of eachother. I've never seen this strategy in any other jeweler's work. It's completely unique!

by Rudolph N on 11/12/2016

Nice smooth look to it. Its not to bling bling, just a nice soft look. It looks really good on, it has a thick band, feels masculine.

by John Powers on 11/09/2016

Most rings are square or round and this unique shape is really interesting. The blue color of the stone is amazing and reflects the light perfectly. Nice size for a men's ring.

by D Jones on 11/04/2016

He gets a lot of attention when he wears it

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