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We at Timepieces International appreciate how important customer service is to you. We will always go that extra mile to ensure your shopping experience with us is not only memorable, but so good you want to tell all your friends about it. Here's some of the most recent reviews that our customers have left. You can click the images below to go straight through to the product, so you can see for yourself what our customers are raving about!

by raymond A. Pickens on 03/12/2019

One of the great designs of watch styles. I have a similar style but not all of the face items. great watch!!!

by Glenn Siciliano on 03/02/2019

Upon seeing the ring I can state this was one of the best purchases that I have made. My wife thought the ring was most attractive.

by BILL MOECK on 03/01/2019


by S. Evans on 03/01/2019

The picture does not do justice to the actual Ring in hand. This ring has "WOW" factor plus. Absolutely gorgeous.

by Jessica on 02/28/2019

Fantastic piece - really beautiful. I love it!

by Jessica on 02/28/2019

Fantastic piece - really beautiful. I love it!

by Anthony on 02/21/2018

I do hope they continue to make this watch, i actually want to buy about 3 more to keep. Just an awesome watch.

by dan on 02/20/2018

great looking what size is this?

by Liz on 02/20/2018

My valentine from my valentine. So happy!

by Brad on 02/20/2018

Everyone at work asks me how much I paid but I aint telling!

by Erika on 02/20/2018

very pretty

by Tim on 02/20/2018

Very sturdy - I got discount with my catalog so very please with the price

by Randy on 02/20/2018

Saw tge video on Facebook and thought I'd give these guys w hirl. Great lookin pendant

by Tom on 02/20/2018

really cool set.

by Pat on 02/20/2018

really solid watch. Very please with it

by June on 02/20/2018

I bought online after seeing these on Facebook. Really sparkly. Much nicer than on the video!

by Mark on 02/20/2018

ordered at the weekend and had it by Wednesday. very happy

by Elaine on 02/20/2018

This was my 'something extra' on Christmas day. SOOO pretty!

by Rick on 02/20/2018

saw this in an inflight advert and thought why not. the wife LOVED IT - would recommend

by Paul on 02/20/2018

arrived quickly and looks great

by David on 02/20/2018

unwrapped this for my birthday and.. wow. looks amazing!

by MIck on 02/20/2018

saw this in the New York Daily News paper on Sunday and had it on my wrist the next week. looks great!

by Mark Miller on 02/11/2018

Extremely beautiful mounting with the great array of stones mounted in the right places to get the ring such a beautiful piece of jewelry to own!

by Linda Race-Day on 02/02/2018

Under specifications this ring falls into the cocktail rings? I think of that type of ring being larger & “glitzy” with more stones. This ring definitely impresses me as an engagement ring. The stones sparkle just enough to really catch one’s eye & the luster is fabulous! The yellow gold makes both the stones & silver color in the ring “POP”. It certainly gets my vote!

by Enter your name on 02/01/2018

Very good Bracelet,Very good Value,Very good price if it is $79 It will sell out very fast ,As I said Very good Bracelet ,Very pretty,I will buy one .

by Oliver Johnson on 01/28/2018

Beautiful ring but the size is a little too large. Can it be resized or do you have it in a size 10 or maybe in the future?

by Autumn on 01/28/2018

Glorious Red and White

by Brian Terrell on 01/27/2018

My wife and I bought this matching set, and we love wearing them when we go out. They're absolutely stunning (I notice people admiring them). They're also easily adjustable in size (at most any jewelry repair store), should they be a little large on your wrist.

by Brian Terrell on 01/27/2018

I really like this ring. My wife and I purchased the Tungsten His/Her watch set, and this ring matches perfectly with the watches. I use it as my wedding band (I actually purchased 2 of these rings--one for dress occasions, and one for everyday wear).

by Carlton R Smith on 01/27/2018

I like the Fuego men's garnet ring ($129.)

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